LifePointe Kids


Ages: Birth to 5
LifePointe Nursery strives to provide ultimate care for children and to establish a protected and caring environment. Our Nursery workers are experienced and trained in nursery care, and each nursery is staffed with a leader and assistant(s). To ensure safety, each child will be registered with the Children’s Department, and all children will be signed in and out. Infants and toddlers have their own area. Toddlers will begin the process of listening, play, and interacting with one other. Toddlers will be presented with activities, crafts, recreation, snacks, and lessons that will help begin their understanding of Jesus.


Ages: 5 to 10
IMPACT Kids is a full Sunday morning children's church service. At an early age, children are taught the importance of corporate worship. They will participate in songs, prayer, lessons, crafts, games, team building, and collaborative skills. They will be taught that FAITH DEVELOPMENT includes Worship, Bible study, and attendance in community fellowship. IMPACT strives to develop children’s foundation in the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ. Parents are encouraged to participate in a service to experience and help facilitate their child’s relationship with Christ. Parent guides are given to help extend the IMPACT lessons at home. Each child will be registered and signed in for their protection, and each service is led by the Children’s Pastor and assistant(s). IMPACT Kids begins the FAITH development of corporate worship and principles that children will maintain throughout their life.


Ages: 10 to 13
LifePointe TWEENS Church is a Sunday morning service where the TWEENS begin their transition into the main service. Students participate in Corporate Worship in the main sanctuary before going to class. In the TWEENS service, students are presented with an interactive message, a discussion time, snacks, and limited games. This allows them a closer interactive environment. The service is presented in the style of a Pastor, and lessons are based on their knowledge level and understanding. Students may remain in the main sanctuary for special Sundays or guest speakers. TWEENS Church also begins transitioning students into Transformed Youth.

Galaxy Girls

Ages: 6 to 12
Galaxy Girls meets on Wednesday nights and is a place where girls learn not only important life skills, such as cooking and basic needlework but also learn about the love and word of God. Our motto is “Learning God’s word, sharing God’s love.” Throughout the class, girls ages 6-12 get to complete lessons, do special activities and outings, and earn badges. We believe every girl was given a special gift by God, and our special assignment is to help the girls learn how to be dedicated, hardworking, successful women of God. The girls will have opportunities to go hiking, learn basic life skills, and most importantly, share the love of God to all.

Just Boys to Men

Ages: 6 to 12
Just Boys to Men is a program design to equip boys with the skills needed to develop into young Christian men. Just Boys to Men is based on Pioneer Club, Inc. programs and Trail Life Ministries. The program is designed to teach participants life skills through a Biblical focus. Just Boys to Men involves outdoor activities such as camping, bonfires, fishing, hunting, wood working, and survival skills. It also involves classroom lessons, leadership modeling, and awards. Awards certificates, badges, and accomplishment acknowledgement will be given for levels of accomplishment and tasks performed. Award ceremonies and parent events are held throughout the year. Just Boys to Men is highly active and a participant regulated group. Active involvement by the parents is highly encouraged. The group meets on Wednesdays, but other meetings and special events are held throughout the year. There will be weekly camps, day trips, overnight events and out of area trips. The goal of Just Boys to Men is to develop boys into men with life skills that will be based on Jesus principles and a Christian foundation.

(Pioneer Clubs Inc. is a national organization that supplies churches with the curriculum and support for children to be based in a Christian foundation and learning experience. LifePointe Church and LifePointe Children’s Ministry is partnering with Pioneer Clubs Inc. to bring this program to our area. Although Just Boys to Men is fully under LifePointe Church and its leadership authority, church membership is not required.)